Experience local cuisine at its best ! Welcome to Zadar, a place where tradition meets the urban vibe. Here, on the medieval city square accommpanied by the music of the Sea Organ and tempting smells from the nearby restaurants and bistros starts your cooking adventure. Zadar, the historic center of the mighty Venetian Republic and the capital of entire Dalmatian Region cherishes many unique recepies and traditions related to food. During the past it was an important harbor on the Adriatic Sea and home of many foreigners, merchants, sailors and tradors who enriched the local cuisine by introducing Mediterranean herbs and various spices to simple local meals. The area of Zadar is very diverse, in front of the city there are numerous island where people have been living from fishing trough centuries. Hinterland abound with fertile soil that has been cultivated till nowadays. All kinds of fruits and vegetables have been grown there but the most popular are authentic sorts of figs, olives and cherries. In the modest households of the islands and hinterland to have a cattle was considered a big fortune and people quickly learnt how to make the best of it. Thanks to their knowledge Zadar Region is now home of the awarded world`s best cheeses such as Hard Pag Cheese made from sheep`s milk. Cooking Classes are a great way of relly getting to know the area of Zadar. We all know that the food brings the best of people and we have a special treat for you here in Zadar. Our cooking class starts at caffe Lovre on the central square of the city. Iti s one of the caffes with longest tradition in Zadar which in its interior hides a true gem – ancient early-romanesque church. Imagine yourself starting a day as a local with a capuccino in a centraly located bar discussing about what you would like to have for lunch or supper. There you will meet your guide who will afterward give you a short tour of the city centar. You will explore the market, place that was during the past the center of religious life of Zadar, quite extrordinary, isn`t it?! Every day hard working people from the countryside and nearby islands bring their fresh products early in the dawn on the market. Here, the area of the market is not just a place where people buy and sell goods, it is a common area where everyone mingles and meets the old friends. Along with your guide you will choose the ingredients for the lunch or supper, there are so many choices here in Zadar: fresh fish and other sea food, varieties of fruits and vegetables, hard and soft cheeses, honey from the Velebit Mountain, fresh eggs, Dalmatian smoked ham, grappas, liquers, wine… The menu is up to you, the guide and the chef are always there to give you some tips about the traditional local meals. You will also get the chance to taste the products before the final decision. After shopping follows your cooking class ! The chef will be at your disposal all the time to give you some hints, show you some special techniques and share with you small secrets of Dalmatian cuisine. Enjoy your time preparing the meal and Bon Appetit !

PRICE PER PERSON: 442,00 kn / 59,00 Eur
PRICE INCLUDES: All the ingredients necessary to prepare dishes, chefs assistance, visit to the market and fish market with local guide, a glass of wine per person, water.
NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE: additional beverages
DURATION: 5 – 6 hours
Min. No. Persons: 2 Max. No Persons: 18


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